BESS Products

BESS Products

BESS’s come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and the specifics of the market segment they wish to target. The offerings from different OEM’s often overlap between market segments and specific applications, as project developers Bushveld Energy’s role is to identify the suitability of these various technologies to the client’s needs.


A Hybrid-Mini-Grid system comprises of several different sources of energy supply, such as wind or solar, plus diesel back up, plus possibly grid supply, or any other, energy resource coupled to a BESS, providing a consumer with a full energy solution. Use cases are identified and stacked to provide a highly customisable system capable of solving multiple power problems and supplying power to the end user at market leading tariff structures.

Hybrid-Mini-Grids can apply from small household applications, with rooftop solar, pay-as-you-go grid supply and energy storage, through to huge hundred megawatt solar plants associated with remote location mines and industrial plants.

Standalone BESS Solutions

When reliability of supply is a problem, or when time-of-use tariffs are prohibitively expensive, Standalone energy storage solutions can provide the answers. Standalone BESS’s are connected to the grid and generally charge from cheap off-peak electricity and discharge into the customer’s internal network, or the utility’s grid at times of expensive peak power supply.

Standalone BESS solutions can be dynamically sized to suit any long-duration storage requirement, typically sized from 100kW/ 400kWh to 40MW/160MWh. Standalone solutions are usually made up of multiple containerised units and can stand in any convenient location within, or even outside of, a customer’s existing plant. Bushveld Energy has worked with most of the suppliers of containerised solutions and identify the correct supplier for your specific application or location.

Bespoke BESS Solutions

Bespoke solutions are specifically designed and built, on site, to provide solutions to customer problems or opportunities. The use cases for bespoke systems, which are generally the largest BESS’s, typically over 20 MW/ 100 MWh, either built into existing buildings, or in purpose built “Storage Stations” are the same as for other applications, but generally on a far larger scale. Bespoke Energy Storage can be built into an IPP project upfront, or can be added, in stages, after the event. Bespoke systems of 200MW/ 800MWh are presently being constructed for Chinese utility needs and are expected to be commissioned soon after the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. The economies of scale resulting from bespoke solutions, often mean that very attractive business propositions can be evolved from such projects. Bushveld has formed partnerships with the Chinese designers and builders of these systems and would be happy to provide a bespoke solution to your specific problem.