Collaborations and Partnerships

Bushveld Minerals – Bushveld Minerals is a low-cost, vertically integrated primary vanadium producer with a diversified product portfolio supplying customers across the globe. The Company’s assets are located on the Bushveld Complex in South Africa, which hosts the largest high-grade primary vanadium districts in the world. In 2015, Bushveld Minerals co-founded Bushveld Energy to promote the use of vanadium in the rapidly growing energy storage market.

IDC – The Industrial Development Corporation is a South African Development Funding Institution (DFI) contributing to the creation of balanced, sustainable economic growth in South Africa. Since 2016, Bushveld Energy and the IDC have been cooperating on downstream beneficiation of vanadium in South Africa in the new industry of energy storage.

Eskom –  Bushveld Energy continues to collaborate with Eskom around the use of VRFB’s for Long Duration Storage applications. Bushveld Energy has previously provided Eskom with a VRFB for testing at the Eskom Research Testing & Development centre, and is now looking to deploy larger commercial VRFB’s within Eskom’s planned BESS procurement programmes.

Vametco, Vanchem – Bushveld Vametco is a low-cost primary vanadium mining and processing company, producing ~3% of the world’s vanadium near Brits, South Africa. Bushveld Vanchem is a primary vanadium-producing facility in Witbank, South Africa, capable of producing a broad range of export-oriented, high-quality vanadium chemicals. Through vertical integration in the Bushveld Group, Bushveld Energy works together with these companies in building global vanadium capabilities.

BELCO – Bushveld Electrolyte Company is a South African producer of vanadium electrolyte. The company is jointly owned by Bushveld Energy and the IDC. Its first manufacturing facility is under construction and located in East London, South Africa.

SAESA – The South African Energy Storage Association aims to guide policy to allow for the accessibility of storage projects and advocates and advances the energy storage industry to create a more resilient, accessible, efficient, sustainable, and affordable energy system in Africa. Counting over 40 local and international members, SAESA is also a member of the South Africa Renewable Energy Council (SAREC) and a founding member of the World Bank Group’s Energy Storage Partnership (ESP). Bushveld Energy is a founding member of SAESA.

VRFB OEMs – At present, there are over twenty original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of VRFBs, with varying product offerings. Bushveld Energy has built up partnerships with VRFB OEMs spanning the supply of vanadium and electrolyte, deployment of VRFBs and investment into OEMs.

Vanitec – Vanitec is the global, non-profit association of vanadium producers. Bushveld Energy is a Vanitec member through the Bushveld Group and currently chairs Vanitec’s Energy Storage Committee (ESC).