Provider of Electrical Energy Storage Solutions

  • Bushveld Energy is a project developer and investor providing energy solutions using Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) technology.
  • With supply integration into vanadium mining, processing and chemicals in the London-listed Bushveld Group of group of companies, the Company can supply components, deploy VRFB solutions and make investments in manufacturing and energy projects.
  • Born as a South African company, today Bushveld Energy has a global client base and is working across Africa and the World, demonstrating the benefits of using energy storage systems with any renewable energy plant. Bushveld’s innovation within the energy storage sector shows businesses how energy storage can increase their bottom line and sustainability of their overall strategy.

Opening up new storage markets in hybrid minigrids and standalone long duration storage

Bushveld Energy aims to transform Africa by addressing the continent’s greatest obstacle to faster growth and industrialisation: Reliable Electricity Supply

In building a common knowledge base and providing distributed, utility scale energy storage solutions and services to the energy sector, Bushveld Energy seeks to:

  • Reduce operating costs of companies;
  • Provide round-the-clock electrical energy supply;
  • Lower the investments required by electricity grids from African governments and utilities.

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